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Just a friendly note;

Breeding dogs is never a guarantee of perfection. So many things can come into play. Sometimes for no known reason the breeding does not take. It could be the female was bred on the wrong day, or she miscarried, or she just didn't take, basically anything. It could also be the male sperm count is low, or he was not fertile. Testing can be done to help in some cases but not all. Breeding dogs is not just putting two dogs together and waiting the 63 days and having puppies. There is a lot of time and patience, research and planning that go into it. A reliable breeder will have done pedigree research and health checks, make sure the dogs that are bred really fit together and that the litter will be what they are looking for. At around the 4 week mark the bitch can be taken to the vet to confirm pregnancy through palpation and or ultrasound. But most veterinarians prefer to wait till just a few days before the due date to see the number and size of the pups through x-rays, as it is only a few days before birth that the bones in the pups calcify enough to see. These are the best as blood tests can show false positives. Most breeders can tell the bitch is in whelp if they know them well, they can see the small changes.

So check back often to see what's new here at Sablehill GSDs and available.

Remember a puppy is a 10 + year responsibility so think long and hard before deciding to bring a puppy or dog home.

Alaska Dec 7th 2015 

When inquiring about a Sablehill puppy 

My puppies come with CKC registration, Micro-chipped, de-wormed, have their first set of shots and are examined by my veterinarian. Puppies do not leave until they are 9 weeks old. 

A $250 Non-refundable deposit is required to hold you a puppy. Of course this is included in the final pick up price and subtracted form final price. My prices ranges from $1800 to $2000 depending on Pedigrees of Sire and Dam. The order of deposit locks the order of picking your puppy. But as the Breeder I will be Evaluating the Puppies as help in Matching the Puppy to you, thus the Questionnaire comes into great use, also talking to you and looking at your goals and needs with your dog. 

There shall hopefully be show potentials and quality pet puppies in each litter.

The puppies are sold with a contract that must be signed and conditions that must be followed.

Show potential/Performance contract states that the puppy must be OFA'd and have title(s) before breeding. 

Companion puppy contracts have a spay/neuter clause that must be signed.

These contracts are to protect the puppy and ensure they are going to a safe loving home.

Canadian Kennel Club papers are mailed back to the breeder by the CKC after litter registration is submitted and after the puppies are sold. This can take a few months.

My puppies are guaranteed for two years from any genetic health problems.

Puppies go home with a puppy pack, with vet records and some transition food.

All my breeding dogs are OFA certified and have been tested for genetic health problems to ensure good health to the best of our ability. 


Wolf summer of 2009 

 Up Coming Litters

Possibly a litter planned with Alaska in Summer 2021 litter.

 Lily may also be possibly bred for a 2021 litter, check back often for updates, and or email me.

A waiting list has been started, if interested I strongly recommend you contact me by email at 





Puppies Available

 I have no puppies at this time. 




Adults Available

I have no adult dogs available at this time, please check back often or contact me.