My Boys

GCH. Pointed CH. Sablehill's Sly Gambler NTD
Born: October 2 2015
Aka: Maverick

Maverick at 5 weeks old, Nov 7th 2015 

Maverick at 11 weeks old, Dec 23rd 2015 

Maverick now 6 months old, April 12th 2016, such a handsome boy.  

 Named after a great movie I have always loved the 1994 Mel Gibson Movie; Maverick. And well I have had the name Maverick in my mind for years for my next sable boy. Being the first born in the litter and male. I knew right when he was born he was going to be my next boy. Maverick is form my second home-bred litter, and my first bred-by boy. Every week that he grows some more I see way more that I love about him. And his personality that is coming out too, is simply wonderful. I am super exited to introduces him and have great excitement for his show career and adding him to my breeding program. He will be hitting the show rings in 2016. I am hoping he takes after his grand sire Wolf and has a love for showing off. Looking forward to entering the shows and Owner/Handler with Both Maverick and his sister Lily. He is out of my homebred girl Aurora ( A Chessa and Wolf Daughter) and my great friend and mentor Sherry's boy Gibbs. 

Maverick's pedigree link;

Maverick is DM Clear by parentage. Is OFAed. 

Maverick at 5 weeks old, exploring the yard. 
 Nov 7th 2015

Maverick at the Champlain Dog Shows April 22 2016 at 6 1/2 months old.    

Maverick at the Sudbury Kennel Club Dog show September 19th 2017, maturing very handsomely, pictured just shy of 2 yrs old. Love this guy.
Maverick at just 4 days shy of turning 3 years old with our dear friend Rob Gaskin. Sept. 27th 2018
Hellwigg's Mystik Drachen V Sablehill NTD
Bron: January 20 2020
Aka: Drako
Drako at 9 weeks old.
Drako at 4 months old. 
Drako at 8 weeks old.
This is our new addion to the Sablehill crew. Drako is everything I have hoped for in a prospective stud. Amazing personality and Temperment so far in just a puppy. He shows no worry to anything new. I would live to thank his Breeder Wendy of Hellwigg German Shepherds for untrusting me with this sweet lovable boy. We shall make you very Proud. Drako is the Son of Hera and Vinny. Pedigree linked. Cant wait to start some fun and exiting Adventures with Drako.

Drako will have the DM test done, Coat factor, as well as OFAs once old enough. 

Drako's pedigree: 

Drako stacked at 9 weeks old.
Drako at 4 months old.


My Girls
Can CH. Northernridg's I'm The Only One OFA NTD
Born: February 11 2013
Aka: Aurora
Now Retired form Breeding. 

 Now in 2014, with limited showing, (that is only being entered in two show weekends), her first show was in October 2013 at the Nippissing Kennel Club dog shows, where she earned 6 points towards her championship. Then entered in March 2014 at Nickle District Kennel Club Show, Aurora earned the rest of her points to obtained her Canadian Championship. I have high hopes for my girl, and soon will work with her towards her Grand Championship and agility titles. 

Aurora is OFA certified. She is also DM Clear.

Aurora's pedigree link;

Aurora 2 years old August 2 2015.

  As her name says, Aurora was the only pup in her litter. As a singleton she got everything mom (Chessa) could give her and then some. She is the daughter of Wolf and Chessa. She is my very first breeding. Aurora is turning out to be an outstanding girl, awesome movement and very relaxed temperament in the house with a high drive when out playing and training. She loves kids and other dogs. 

Aurora is training in conformation showing and is looking very good. She has a beautiful stack and moves very well. She will be in the ring this fall and in the next season 2015. She loves the outdoors and going on hikes and walks with me and the kids, as all the dogs here do. She and my daughter have a very special bond already. 

Aurora at 13 months old, March 2014. Championship photo.

Aurora Sept. 11th 2015 

BPIG CH. Pointed Sablehill's Dream Runner OFA H/E NTD 
Born: October 2 2015
Aka: Lily

 Lily at 5 weeks old, Nov 7th 2015

Lily at 8 weeks old, Nov 28th 2015 

Lily now 6 months old, April 12th 2016, growing up beautifully.  

Lily at 6 months old April 15 2016. 

Lily was the last one born in the wonderful litter my sweet Aurora whelped Oct 2 2015. As soon as she was born I told my friend that she was my pick girl, and that she was not going anywhere. And well here she is. Lily is the darkest sable in the litter and my dream girl. Named after my favorite TV show ER, one of the episodes was called " Dream Runner" and as soon I read it in my hunt for a name was over, I felt it was prefect for her. My dreams are coming true with Lily and her brother Maverick. They are the next step for Sablehill GSDs in the world of Purebred Dogs and Conformation Shows and all CKC events.  

Lily's pedigree link;

Lily is DM Clear by parentage. Lily passed her OFAs.

Lily at 5 weeks old. Nov 7th 2015 

Lily at 11 weeks old, Dec 23rd 2015 

Lily at the Champlain Dog shows April 22 2016 at 6 1/2 months old. 

Miss Lily with her best friend Ron at the Temiskaming Kennel Club dog shows August 9th 2016 at 10 months old she follows her sister's path in the ring with the awesome Ron at the end of her lead. They did me super proud. I was over the moon twice that day, girls rocked it. Loving this girl, can't wait to see what her future holds and what we do. 

Lily at the Sudbury Kennel Club Dog shows September 19th 2017. Love this girl. She is maturing beautifully. Pictured here at a month shy of 2 yrs old.
Sablehill's Redneck Women NTD ITD
Born: July 4 2019
Aka: Kensi

Kensi is the Daughter of Lily and Meeko. Meeko is a Stud of Harmonia German Shepherds and is Owned and Loved by Nadine P. Kensi is the Next Generation of Sablehill GSDs. She is the Pick girl form the Meeko/Lily Litter. Very outgoing puppy, active and a joy to add to our home. 
Kensi will start her training for the Conformation Rings keep an eye out for this lovely girl at a Show. 

Kensi is quite the girl, so very loyal and eager to please. She picks up training classes very fast. Is very ball driven, and treat motivated. Kensi is training in Agility with my Daughter and is catching on fast. She has recently just earned her Novice Trick Dog Title that my Daughter did with her. At just 11 months old with a 9yr old. Very proud of this team. The bond they have is incredible. Watch for Kensi in a show near you in the future.

Kensi's Pedigree Link.

Kenis at 5 1/2 weeks old.
Sablehill's Dern Tootin NTD
Born: July 4 2019
Aka: Ziva

Ziva is litter Sister to Kensi. She is Second Pick Girl of the Meeko/Lily Litter. And is a Long Coat. She is active, fun, loves to get dirty. A sweet loving girl. She is my first Long-coat to have in my Kennel and home. Cant wait to watch her grow. She will be training in the Conformation Ring also, keep an eye out for this girl at a Show. 

Ziva is a super cuddle buy. A happy go lucky girl. She too is ball driven as all our dogs are. Eager to please and willing to learn. Trick dog titles are in her future. My Son just loves this spunky girl. They are turning into a great team too. 

Ziva's Pedigree;

Ziva at 8 weeks old.
Ziva at 5 1/2 weeks old