On this page you get to read about and see Dogs that have given me all their love, care and dreams they could. That help keep my dreams alive, that started it all and continue too. They stole my heart and will never be forgotten. Here I will recognized them for all there achievements and contributions to my Breeding and my life. They are not just Show and Breeding Dogs they were part of my active life and my Children's too. They are spoiled loved family pets. Form the moment the enter my world and the day they leave, they are loved. 
Can.Ch. Hinesonhaus Northern Wolf
Nov 7th 2007~Nov 16th 2018

This amazing boy is Wolf. He is a one of a kind guy. Very loving and loyal. He is a mellow day by day type of guy when not in the show ring. He is my very first show and breeding dog. I got him from Hinesonhaus Quality German Shepherds. I thank Debbie Hineson for this stunning boy. I am very happy with him. 
Wolf loves the shows. He struts his stuff and is somewhat of a show off. He is a joy to show and work with. Listens so well that my daughter, whom is only 4 years old, can tell him to do something and he does. He is wonderful around kids of all ages.
When not in the show rings, Wolf likes just being a house dog, getting dirty and playing ball as much as he can. Going for walks and hikes with the kids and myself are the best. He is so very watchful of us all. He gets along with all dogs and other animals of all kinds and sizes. 
Wolf loves his ball and can and will play all day if you let him. 
Wolf's pedigree link;


On Nov 16th 2018 I had to say good bye to my Sweet Handsome Boy. Just a week after his 12th Birthday. We had done so much in those Fun 12 Years. Traveled and had some amazing Adventures. He started my love of the Conformation Show Ring and took me through the fun. What a Show off he was. He truly loved the Ring. His enthusiasm was amazing. We took the big leap and went to the 92nd Annual Canadian National Specialty Championship Show September 19th & 20th 2014. What an experience that was, we learned tons. Had fun, Met great People. 

Wolf was in my life when my Children joined me, and he was always Great with them. They had a great Bond, he watched over them many times while playing in the yard. He was with me though all things and never let me down, the fun and the downs. He was all ways there. He will never be forgotten. I see him in the next generation of Sablehill Gsds. He Started my breeding, being me my first Stud and Sire to Aurora. In his Grandpups Mav and Lily and in Lily's litter too. I will always remember him and see some part of him in the next line.

RIP Wolf my boy. I love you.


Wolf with my great Friend Becki, becoming a Canadian Champion.



Can.CH. Romance's Check Mate HT CGN OFA

September 9th 2009~ January 21 2019

 This pretty girl is Chessa. She was my second show dog and first breeding bitch. She is a very outgoing girl and loves everyone. She has a high drive, is energetic and she will out do you any day. She got her Canadian Championship in two show weekends. She came to me from Romance German Shepherds as a 2 year old. She is wonderful with kids and other dogs. She has been tested for herding and showed great aptitude and instincts for the task. Chessa loves to cuddle and be with you all the time. She's a great mother as well and loves other dogs and other animals. When she's not in the show ring she's playing with my other dogs or my daughter and just being a family companion. Chessa is OFA certified.  

Chessa's pedigree link;

Once Chessa achieved her Canadian Championship, she become a beloved Family girl. Only ever having a Singleton Pup(Aurora). She was not very into the Show Ring, she did it cause I asked her too, and she did very well, but I seen she preferred the pampered family pet life. 
Than came another Great journey for my Sweet girl. My Sis and her Bonded, a Bond I seen every time Sis came to visit. Chessa was all over her, listed and in turned to my Sis and even sat at the door waiting for Sis to return. After seeing this I knew that Chessa wanted to be with my Sis. So the next visit I told Sis what was happening and offered her Chessa. Sis was over the Moon, she Loved her just as much. And Chessa become the farm Girl she wanted to be. My Sis needed Chessa and Chessa needed my Sis at this time in their lives. And I was okay with this, as I still got to see her all I wanted too. And seen the love, devotion Chessa wanted to give my Sis. What a pair they were. Chessa was living the best life any dog could want and have.

On January 21 2019 Chessa was taken to the Vet for not being well, and was found out to have Cancer. She was not coming home that Day. It was a hard decision for myself and my Sis, and after talking with our Vet the best thing to do was to let our Sweet Girl rest in peace. She beat Cancer once already and we didn't feel it right to ask her to go through it all again. She will always live on in the dogs we have today with us. I see her in the next Generation already. Chessa was my Foundation Girl and she helped build the path for my Kennel and lines. She was the sweetest girl. Everyone that met her, loved her. 
RIP my sweet sweet Girl.
Thank you so very very mush Sis for taking super great care of our special, spoiled Girly. I am so proud of her and you. She will never be forgotten.