On this page you will find Dogs that are co-owned with me. Dogs that are still part of our crew and team here at Sablehill but live with someone else. As a Breeder it brings great joy to me being able to have dogs in Co owned homes that will contribute to our breeding program and join us at Shows and K9 Events. 
CH. BPIG Sablehill's Dreaming of Alaska OFA H/E NTD
Born: October 2 2015
Aka: Alaska
Co-Owned with Lisa E

Alaska 5 weeks old

Alaska at 9 weeks old
Alaska at 6 months old

I am thrilled and over the moon to have this girl in a co-owned home with my best friend Lisa. Lisa was hooked on to this little sweetheart form day one. As a breeder I knew that to have a girl in a fun loving home that I can take out to the shows and compete with would be a dream. Watching Alaska grow and seeing her move has been fun and exiting. She is turning into a very nice little girl. A copy of her Mother Aurora, only a bit better. She lives as a fun loving farm dog with her grand dam Chessa and Lisa on the farm. She comes out with me to the show ring and gets to be a spoiled show dog too. Love working this sweetheart and watching her grow and mature. Keep an eye out for her in the show rings 2016. As with her brother Maverick and sister Lily, Alaska is the next foundation for Sablehill GSDs and making a dream come true. 

Here is her Pedigree:


Alaska is DM Clear by parentage. OFAs are done and she passed. 

Alaska at 6 months old
Alaska at the Sudbury Kennel Club Dog Show September 19th 2017. Just shy of 2 years old and looking fabulous, 
loving this girl.
Alaska earned her Canadian Championship at the Sudbury and District Kennel Club shows on 
Sept 13-15th 2019. All Owner Breeder Handled.
Sablehill's Country Gal 
BOB: June 4th 2019
Co-Owned with Jessica J
I am so glad to have the opportunity to have Jessica and her family join us in our adventures. Her name is Akira. She is litter sister to Kensi and Ziva, daughter of Lily and Meeko. This spunky girl is outgoing and ready for anything. Including camping trips that her family does often, Akira took to canoeing very confidently. She enjoys everything thrown at her. Just recently start Agility training with her girl Demi. Watch out for this lovely girl at a Show near you. looking forward to a fun Show Career in 2021.
Akira at 13 months old
Akira at 5 weeks old
Akira 13 months old