My name is Rebecca. I have always loved dogs and dreamed of all the ones I would have one day. I use to make lists of breeds and name the ones I was going to From the age of 10, I knew dogs would be in my life. It was in 1996 I got my very first look at the variety of breeds of dogs when I was given a 1996 Dogs in Canada Annual. Best book ever, but they have now been discontinued. I still have all the ones I bought when they were published though. 

I read about each of the breeds, looked at all the ads and when I came to the German Shepherd Dog I was hooked. As soon as I read their description and seen photos and read about them more and more I felt that they were the best fit for me and it turns out they are.

I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed even more when my family got our very first female in 2003. Although she was a White and not registered. Miss Polar Bear aka Bear was just a sweetheart. She was very trainable, she picked up on everything I wanted to teach her. She learned so fast that I ran out of things to teach her, but I still worked her. I would watch a show or movie with dogs in it and think oh I can teach her these tasks and well she did them to my surprise. And my love and bond grow more intense. She loved agility and I also trained her to climb ladders, do mock searches (hide and seek really). The movie and tv training like going to a marker by hand commands form a distance. To barking, growling, turning around (left or right), wave, shake paw, hi five, bow, crawl, back up and so on and with hand singles and voice commends and all was able to be done at a distance. And just being outside with me and having fun which is the most important thing, to have fun. Which made my love of the breed stronger. Bear lived 10 wonderful years before passing in summer of 2013.

After watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog show on TV. I feel more in love with German Shepherd Dogs and I wanted to show dogs and become a handler. And I started to research the breed more and more and learn more about Conformation Dog Shows. In Fall 2007 I got my first CKC registered male for showing/breeding and that was the start of my kennel and my love and passion. Wolf and I have done so many wonderful things and have been having wonderful adventures. He took me into the world of showing German Shepherd Dogs in the All Breed Ring and I keep enjoying it year after year. And now with the additions of more GSDs. Not only is Wolf a Red Sable but my favorite color in the breed. Thus how the name of my kennel came to be. That's right Sable is my favorite color in the German Shepherd Dog Breed.

I'm a Professional Dog Groomer and love working with dogs.
I'm fully active with my German Shepherd Dogs and my kids. We do it all together. I am raising my kids in the dog world and already my daughter at five years old is loving it and showing a great kindness and gentle heart with the dogs, copying everything I do with them, from grooming to training and even show handling. 
As the 2016 show season has started my daughter is already in the Peewee Handling Ring and loving it. I love watching her learn and grow in this wonderful world of Purebred dogs. In the last year that she has been competing in Peewees I see a great love growing in her and happiness. My son is loving the world of purebred dogs, and still too young to compete in Peewees he is loving coming with me to the shows thou. Helping me groom and exercising the dogs. He is looking forward to the day he gets to compete.

In 2014 I took it apon myself to do another dream of mine. I went to school and become a Veterinary Assistant, Graduating February 24th 2016. I am now looking into furthering my education in the Veterinarian field. 

In the future I hope to have the second breed I love in my home. That is the wonderful Rottweiler. Yes another German breed. What else can I say, Germans knew the good things one needs and created two outstanding breeds of dog. 
It must be my German side kicking in... :) 
My boy Maverick just shy of 3 years old, Sept. 27th 2018